11th Annual Meeting of the AK Südasien (7 and 8 May, 2021) – Online Event

Please register for the conference until April 30, 2021 by sending an email to lena.nieweler@stud.uni-goettingen.de. Please give your full name, your email-Address and your institutional affiliation. There will be no conference fee.

Vorläufiges Programm / Tentative Agenda

Freitag, 07. Mai 2021 / Friday, 07 May, 2021

09:30                     Begrüßung und Einführung / Welcome and Introduction

Session 1: Rural-Urban Transformations

9:45-10:15           Land Use/Land Cover Change, Built-Up Growth and Channels of Urbanisation in and Around Delhi
(Saurav Chakraborty, Alexander Follmann, Priyank Pravin Patel, Kolkata/Köln)

10:20-10:50        Political Ecology of Rural to Urban Transformation in India
(Manisha Jain, Dresden)

11:00-11:30        A Delphi Approach to Building Transformation Pathways for Waterbased Livelihoods in Periurban Pune
(Sarah Luft, Carsten Butsch, Köln)

11:35-12:05        Lockdown Farmers Markets in Bengaluru: Direct Marketing Activities and Potentials for Rural-Urban Linkages in the Food System
(Neda Yousefian, M. Soubadra Devy, K. Geetha, Christoph Dittrich, Göttingen/Bengaluru)

12:05-12:45        Gemeinsamer virtueller brownbag Lunch in Wonder / Virtual brownbag lunch in Wonder

Session 2: Food, Food Systems and Consumption

12:45-13:15        The Indian Way of Organic Food from a Geographical Perspective
(Judith Bopp, Mirka Erler, Vechta/Aachen)

13:20-13:50        Food Consumption Practices, Food Safety and the Indian Middle Class Taking the Example of the Metropolis of Bengaluru
(Elena Wenninger, Göttingen)

13:50-14:05        Kaffeepause / Coffee break

14:05-14:50       Input und Diskussion zur COVID 19 Situation und Entwicklungen in Südasien. Implikationen für unsere Forschung? / Input and discussion on the COVID 19 situation and developments in South Asia. What are the implications for our research?

15:00- 15:30       Virtuelle Mitgliederversammlung / Virtual General Meeting

15:30                     Ende von Tag 1 / End of day one

Samstag, 08. Mai 2021 / Saturday, 08 May, 2021

9:30                       Begrüßung / Welcome

Session 3: The Effects of Governance

9:35-10:05          Towards the Submissive and Productive Migrant Worker: Governing Nepali Migrant Subjectivities and the Transnational Marketization of Labor
(Hannah Uprety, Münster)

10:10-10:40        India’s Land: Land grabs, the Jatropha Hype and Recent Farmer Protests
(Anika Trebbin, Marburg)

10:45-11:15        Promises and Perils of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: The Case of Agriculture and Trade in Northern Pakistan
(Michael Spies, Eberswalde)

11:15-11:45        Virtuelle Kaffeepause / Virtual Coffee Break

Session 4: Livelihoods: Vulnerabilities, Resilience and Adaptation

11:45-12:15        Tourism Operators’ Vulnerability and Resilience to Natural Hazards in the Nepalese Himalaya
(Eva Posch, Innsbruck)

12:20-12:50        To Grow Cotton, or Not to Grow Cotton, That is the Question: The Adaptation Practices of Small Scale Farmers in the Cotton Belt of South Punjab
(Mehwish Zuberi, Eberswalde)

12:55-13:25        Women Let Participatory Urban Governance Model
(Siraz Hirani, Mahila Housing Trust)

13:30-13:50        Wrap up und Organisatorisches / Wrap up and Organizational matters

13:50                     Ende / End

Wir bedanken uns für die langjährige, erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit mit dem Franz Steiner Verlag.